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This unique training program offers an exclusive opportunity to visit Finnish kindergartens, primary, secondary schools, and also University of Lapland’s Teacher Training School. In addition to school visits, lectures and workshops, you may take part in social program, such as city of Rovaniemi reception and farewell dinner. This fifth Lapland International Forum for Education™ is organized in collaboration with VisitEDUfinn, creator of LIFE event, University of Turku, and Visit Rovaniemi.

The theme ‘Learning and teaching together’ reflects the culture of learning promoted by our newest national curriculum. During the event you will learn concrete examples of how to work as co-teachers, how to group the students to work together, what kind of means there are to support students’ with special needs in multiprofessional co-operation as well as how to structure students’ collaboration. In LIFE2023, we will also establish our own culture or learning together and thus experience what it means in practice.

Have a look at the previous event to get a better idea what to expect: LIFE2020. Based on the feedback, we have added now more days and more interaction with other participants, and made other changes so that the experience in general would be even better than last four years. There are only room for 80 persons, so book now to secure your participation!

See you in Rovaniemi!

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Target group are the school management, kindergarten and school education teachers, special education teachers and all other non-teaching experts and staff working in school education, adult education and VET.

The course covers a wide range of topics that schools need to consider and tackle when introducing and securing internationalization in their school:

  • Observations of how Finnish teachers work and how school days are structured
  • Examples of co-learning and -teaching in different levels of Finnish educational system
  • Understanding how the joint learning pedagogies enable deeper learning
  • Tools for planning, facilitating, and evaluating collaborative learning in teacher education
  • Models to structure and initiate cooperative learning and team teaching in elementary and middle school
  • Ways to support students’ with special needs in multi professional co-operation
  • Analyses of how collaborative learning builds students’ 21st century skills
  • An experience of learning together in a group of educational professionals from different countries

The course methodology aspires activation of pre-assumptions and prior knowledge and a creation of a safe and positive atmosphere. In order to deliver a strong quality course it integrates different parts and activities, such as: listening speakers and visiting educational institutions, reflecting the new inputs, information and experiences through personal diary as well as reflective discussions, Socratic walks, re-structuring one’s domain-related understanding based on the new information and experiences through individual and shared/collaborative exercises, shared brainstorming, mind mapping, concept developing and scenario building, panel discussion, local cultural situated learning – visiting in different schools and other educational organizations, interacting with invited speakers, led discussion, learning outside the classroom “on the move” and more. The course also aspires creating an output. Working individually or in groups on a concrete product to be used in your own school, such as composing a (new) development plan.

Earn a certificate

The course participants will get a Certificate of Active Attendance.

The competences acquired will be validated by the course organisers on the Europass mobility.

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On-site course in combines Educa in Helsinki and Rovaniemi in Lapland

LIFE2023 SHADOWING EXPERIENCE – Learning and teaching together on-site courses take place in Helsinki and Rovaniemi, Finland. Course starts with participation in Educa event in Helsinki and then continues in Rovaniemi, Lapland.

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  • Preliminary: 27 January - 2 February 2023, Helsinki & Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland.

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Course fee: 660 eur

Mandatory meal package, including 5 lunches, coffee and snacks, Rovaniemi city reception and Farewell dinner: 140 eur.

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Euneos has an international team of trainers who are the most experienced in the field of their expertise. Meet Euneos' trainers for the LIFE2023 SHADOWING EXPERIENCE - Learning and teaching together course:

Main organiser / trainer

Ms. Westling 

  • Educational psychologist and expert in the field with both grass root teaching experience from school and teacher education as well as research from these environments

She has a broad and holistic view of education and a deep understanding of human mind and learning. She has graduated from and later taught new students in an innovative program of educational psychology at the University of Helsinki. Her teaching has included lecturing, supervising pre-service-teachers’ practice, and facilitating group processes and process-oriented group studies. In her research she studies the quality of regulation of students’ learning and activity, at school and at teacher education. She has worked as an expert in educational program design at an academic level as well as in the world of international organizations.

Euneos choice of venues is based on two essentials: delivering professionalism and assuring personal well-being in order to warrant enjoyable course experience.

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Helsinki and Rovaniemi, Finland

LIFE2023 takes place right by the Arctic Circle, in the city of Rovaniemi, also known as the official hometown of Santa Claus. During the event, you have an opportunity to meet him in person and participate in many other awesome winter adventures. The city is about 800 km north from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. In the past few decades Rovaniemi has grown into a busy and active town with now more than 61.000. Rovaniemi is also the educational center of Lapland and there are two universities located in Rovaniemi. The University of Lapland is the northernmost university in Finland and in the European Union. Lapland University for Applied Sciences has its home base in Rovaniemi. The unique location of Rovaniemi on the Arctic Circle has attracted more than 400.000 tourists each year from all over the world. For information about Rovaniemi, visit The main venue for event is at the legendary hotel Scandic Pohjanhovi, in the best location in Rovaniemi and you can spend the last night of your trip in the Snow Hotel or Igloo!

While in Helsinki, check the libraries as social innovation in Finnish education, interactive museums, the islands around Helsinki and the sauna. Moreover, there are many more attractions that promise unforgettable experience in Helsinki such as the interesting Helsinki architecture including Alvar Aalto's studio, Helsinki Cathedral by Carl Ludvig Engel, Senate Square, Old Market Hall, Löyly sauna and restaurant and much more.

While in Finland, make the best of this unique opportunity and take a bite of the Finnish delicacies such as smoked salmon soup lohikeitto and dried reindeer meet kuivaliha. Do not forget to learn more about the famous Finnish culture of drinking coffee with a soft, toasty and aromatic pulla cardamom bread. Tervetuloa!